Mathri makes me nostalgic! It is a delicacy I have loved eating eversince I was a child.
I remember how excited I would get as a child, on hearing that some distant relative or friend was visting a particular place of religious importance (because to me it meant them bringing back 'prasad' (Mathri) from that place)... :) :)
Recently, I expressed my desire to eat these super sweet indian cookies, and my sis in law was more than happy to make some for me at home!!

Voila, I present to you a delicacy that makes me feel all happy and warm and reminds me of my childhood days... Mathri

Mathri is just an Indian version of a cookie. Only it is not baked rather fried in ghee.


Refined Flour - 500 gms
Sesame Seeds - a handfull
Milk - 2 tsp
Ghee - to fry
Sugar - 2 cups
Water -2 Cups

Method: In a vessel, get all the refined flour and add sesame seeds to it. Bind it into a very hard dough using very minimal milk.
Now form small round flat balls out of it.
Poke them with a fork. See the image below to get an idea of what it looks like.

Now, heat ghee in a pan and at a low flame, fry these balls untill they turn brown in colour.

Now in another vessel add 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water. Bring it to boil. Stir it occasionally and let the sugar melt. Test the consistency constantly. We want it to be a 3 thread consistency. Dip the fried mathris into this chasni and remove instantly.


Wait till they cool down and then devour them. Who's stopping you.


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Bharwan Karela / Stuffed Karela - Bitter Gourd -- ભરેલા કારેલાનું શાક

ભરેલા કારેલાનું શાક

Most people I know whether adults or kids, hate 'karela'. Well, they are not to blame! One can't help but detest the bitter taste of bittergourd! But there's someone I know of who figured out a way to make karela sabji a lot less bitter and a lot more tastier - none other than my mother in law!

Here's how you can also go about trying this one....

Karela - 6 to 7 small to medium sized
Potatoes - 2 big
Onions - 2 medium sized
Chana /Gram Flour
Peanuts / Sing Dana - a handfull
Salt - to taste
Red Chilli Powder - to taste
Turmeric Powder - to taste
Dhaniya-Jeera Powder - to taste
Sugar - 1 tsp
Lemon - half
Oil - 2 tps

Peel karela and potatoes. Slice the karela into half such that there is enough space to add filling into it. Slice potatoes and onions.
Next in a mixer grinder make a mixture of gram flour, peanuts and all the other spices except oil.
Now add some oil and coriander leaves into this mixture as well as squeeze half a lemon into it and mix it well.

Stuff this mixture into the karela. Place all the stuffed karelas and potato slices in a plate and steam it (preferably a pressure cooker alongside while you are cooking rice)

Last and the final step is quite simple. Heat oil and saute onions. As they turn pink, add the stuffed onions and potatoes into it. Stir lightly to avoid them from breaking. Cook for 5 mins and serve hot with chapati!


Gram Flour Dumplings in Spicy Gravy!! (Kathiyawadi Dhokli Nu Shaak) ((કાઠીયાવાડી ઢોકળીનું શાક))

(કાઠીયાવાડી ઢોકળીનું શાક)

Kathiyawadis are known for their love for spicy and hot gravy. So today I am going to share with you a recipe that is known as "shaak" (vegetable) in Kathiyawar but is made without any vegetables. It is spicy and hot and requires too little cooking time.
So if some day you find yourself in your kitchen with no vegetables, then try out this simple Gujarati recipe which will leave all at the dinner table licking their fingers! :)
Note: Now, dhokli basically means a dough that has been rolled out and then cut into cubes, eventually cooked in a curry.

Kathiyawadi Dhokli Nu Shaak


For Dhokli
Buttermilk - One small Cup
Chana / Gram Flour - one small cup
Red Chilli Powder - 1 table spoon
DhaniyaJeera Powder - 1 and a half tablespoon
Turmeric Powder - 1 tea spoon
Salt - to taste

Note: The measurement for the Buttermilk and Chana Flour must be same. If you use one cup buttermilk then use the same cup measurement for the flour as well.

For Curry:
Onion - One small
Mustard Seeds
Caraway (Jeera) Seeds
Red Chilli Powder
Turmeric Powder
Dhaniya Jeera (Caraway/Coriander Seed) Powder
Minced Garlic
Method For Dhokli:
  • Heat a large skillet. Pour buttermilk into it. Add all the spices necessary into the buttermilk. Let it come to boil.
  • Once it boils add gram flour. And now start mixing it with a rolling pin. (Remember to mix it in one direction)
  • When you notice all the batter to be sticking to the rolling pin and you find it hard to mix it any further, turn off the flame. Normally it takes 3-4 minutes for the flour to get cooked.
  • Get a rolling board and spread oil on it. Now Spread the dhokli batter on to it. Pat it while it is still hot and then roll it out.
  • When it turns a little cold, slice it into cubes.

 Method for Gravy:
  • Heat oil in a skillet. Saute chopped or minced onions in it.
  • Once they change colour, add all the necessary spices.
  • Add water to it. (This Gravy is normally a bit watery so you may add a glassfull of water).
  • Once the gravy begins to boil, add dumplings into it.


Stuffed Onions - The Kathiyawadi Way ! (ભરેલી ડુંગળીનું શાક)

(ભરેલી ડુંગળીનું શાક)

I first learnt about this recipe (just like most others) after marriage!  You see I am married in a Kathiyawadi family. Now Kathiyawad was for a long time a stately province in pre-independent India. Though it does not exist on map anymore, the Kathiyawadi culture is quite predominant in Gujarat even now.
Kathiyawad is well known for it's spicy hot recipes amongst many other things.
And Stuffed Onions is a delicacy just like Stuffed Brinjals, Bengan Bharta, Sev Tomato Sabji.
I will be posting recipes of most of these sooner or later but for now, it is Stuffed Onions - The Kathiyawadi Way!

Small Red Onions - 6-7
Groundnuts - More than one handful
Red Chilli Powder - Spicier the better!
Turmeric Powder - A pinch
Cummin / Caraway Seed (Dhaniya/ Jeera Powder) - Nearly 2 table spoonfuls
Sugar - to taste
Salt - to taste
Garlic Cloves - an entire small bulb
Oil - 2 spoonfuls
Coriander Leaves

In a mixer grinder, crush groundnuts, and all the spices listed above except oil and coriander. (remember you just have to crush not make a powder out of it! In any case if you grind for a longer time, the groundnuts will secrete oil making your filling soggy!)

Now once crushed add some oil to it and coriader to it and mix it. (preferably with hands)

So you are basically half done now!

Just peel the onions and cut them into 4 halves at the centre. But make sure they are in one piece.
Now stuff in the filling. In a pressure cooker put some oil. When it heats place the stuffed onions in it.  And pressure cook it for a couple of minutes!

What makes this recipe typically Kathiyawadi is the way whole onion is used here, while also excessive use of chilli powder to make it spicy!

Onion Fact: Some studies have shown onions to be rich in B-Complex Vitamins and so they work against neurotic conditions!


I never met a "Cupcake" I didn't like! (કપ કેક - ફક્ત ૫ મિનટમાં )

"When you share a cupcake you share love"

And that's just what I am about to do. :) Well, not literally but you'll see...

It's no flamboyant recipe really but a very very simple recipe I have tried and tested many times at home for the kids afternoon time snacks with milk.

(કપ કેક - ફક્ત ૫ મિનટમાં)

Cupcakes - My Way!
Sugared biscuits (preferably Parle G) - Single pack (Entire)
Caster Sugar - 2-3 big spoonsfuls  (and more if you love it sweet)
Baking Powder -  half teaspoon
Cocoa Powder - 1 table spoon
Milk - half cup or a little more

Grind the biscuits to a fine powder. Add caster sugar and cocoa powder to it. Start swirling it well while you add milk to it so that lumps are not formed.
Mix it well till a fine paste is formed.
Add baking pwder to it.
Pour it into your baking mould. Remember to grease your mould with unsalted butter or ghee.
I always microwave it at 900 for about 3 minutes.

And then, Keep calm and eat a Cupcake! :)

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Fenugreek Recipe Event - I am in!

Fenugreek Recipe Event
Sending out my recipe :  FenuGREEK Grams to the Fenugreek Recipe Event at Now Serving and Kiranjay's Blog


Spicy Banana ! (કેળાનું શાક )

(કેળાનું શાક) 
Well, certainly you might be thinking I am going out of my mind for I just mixed two oddly contrastiing words 'spicy'  and 'banana'  together.

But trust me once you have made this super easy recipe you will not want to stop licking your fingers for Spicy Bananas is a great combination of sweet banana with some spices!

All you need is :


Banana - half a dozen
Garlic Bulb - One whole
Green Chillie Pepper - 2
Turmeric Powder - 1 tea spoon
Salt - to taste
Red Chilli Powder - half tea spoon
Dhaniya-Jeera (Corainder/Caraway) Powder - 1 tablespoon

(Chopped Green Chilli Pepper and Crushed Garlic)

Cut Bananas into cubes. Scrape the banana peels from their insides.
Chope Green Chilli Pepper in big pieces. Chop half of the garlic cloves from the bulb and crush the remaining half.
In a non-stick deep frying pan heat some oil and add some jeera. After a minute or two add the chopped chillies and garlic. (CAUTION: Chilli seeds splutter quite instantly and you may burn so take care while you are performing this step)
Add the cubed bananas.

Now add salt, turmeric powder and Dhaniya Jeera powder. Mix well.

This is what it looks like once mixed well.
Spice Banana is now ready to be served with Chapatis!

Interesting Tip: Most kids and adults don't eat bananas. This is a good way to feed them bananas. It works at my place, so it can certainly work at yours!
Tell me whether or not it did! :)


Hidden Veggies at Cooking Traditional Foods

I've linked to the Hidden Veggies Linky Party here.

You might just find some interesting recipes !! Do join!


FenuGREEK Grams / Masala Methi Chana (મસાલા મેથી ચણા)

(મસાલા મેથી ચણા)

People all over the globe are smacking their lips and tucking sumptously into our legendary curries! Well, I have for a long time now, secretly nurtured a craving for them too.

So here's one simple recipe with some very simple curry in it that not only tastes like million bucks but is also soaked wet in nutrients (literally!)


Black Gram (Soaked over night and pressure cooked) - about a large cup
Onion - 2 small
Tomato - 1 big
Ginger Garlic Chilli Paste -  2 Tablespoons
Salt - to taste
Turmeric Powder - half Teasooon
Red Chilli powder - 1 Tablespoon
DhaniaJeera Powder - 2 Tablespoons
Garam Masala - 1 Teaspoon


Pressure cook the black grams that have been soaked overnight or for atleast 6-7 hours.

Whilst pressurecooking them remember to add a pinch of baking soda to it as well as some salt.
Meanwhile shallow fry some fenugreek leaves that have been chopped finely and washed thoroughly.

 Do so on a medium flame and remeber to keep tossing it frequently lest it burns. Addsalt to it.
Next add chopped onions and ginger garlic paste to it. Allow the flavors of all these ingredient mix while you keep tossing them.  When the onions turn pink add tomatoes to it. You may either add tomato puree to it or add chopped onions.

Cook this curry on a slow flame. Add some water to it... and after say it simmers for about 4-5 minutes add the remining spices to it. Again let the gravy cook for a couple fo minutes,
Add the grams to it.  Let it cook till the grams seem to be absorbing the gravy and it's flavours. You will know this is happening once the gravy begins to thicken.

Masala Methi Chana is ready!


Salad Rouge with Indian Dressing

While many may frown at the name of salad, I am one who swears by them!  I love the greens!  And I simple love my salads.

So one of these days, I decided i was going to include salads in my daily meals, here is what I ended up creating on a lazy afternoon just before I was setting out the lunch.
A single cornichon, tomatoes, beetroot and a small carrot motivated me to make a new type of a salad and along came Salad Rouge. ROuge is  afrench word meaning red/pink. And you might have well guessed by now that beetroot is the ingredient that adds the name Rougt to this simple recipe!

Cucumber - 1
Tomatoes - 1
Beetroot - half
Carrot - 1 small
Lemon - to taste
Salt -  to taste
Ginger - to taste
Garlic - 1 clove
Cummin Powder - to taste
Green Chilli - to taste
Lemon Zest
Edible Oil - to taste


It's tres simple!  Just chop cucumbers, tomatoes and grate carrot and beet... now mix it all well.

Next, in another smaller vessel, squeeze some lemon juice. Add grated ginger and garlic. Add salt and some sugar. Sprinkle some cummin powder. Mix this well untill the salt and sugar melt well. Add some grated green chilli and lemon zest. Mix well. Finally pour some vegetable oil.
Pour this dressing over the chopped veggies.
Mix well.
Voila! Salad Rouge is ready with Indian dressing!

Interesting To Know: chilly, garlic and ginger are typical indian spices used in most Indian cooking!


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