Salad Rouge with Indian Dressing

While many may frown at the name of salad, I am one who swears by them!  I love the greens!  And I simple love my salads.

So one of these days, I decided i was going to include salads in my daily meals, here is what I ended up creating on a lazy afternoon just before I was setting out the lunch.
A single cornichon, tomatoes, beetroot and a small carrot motivated me to make a new type of a salad and along came Salad Rouge. ROuge is  afrench word meaning red/pink. And you might have well guessed by now that beetroot is the ingredient that adds the name Rougt to this simple recipe!

Cucumber - 1
Tomatoes - 1
Beetroot - half
Carrot - 1 small
Lemon - to taste
Salt -  to taste
Ginger - to taste
Garlic - 1 clove
Cummin Powder - to taste
Green Chilli - to taste
Lemon Zest
Edible Oil - to taste


It's tres simple!  Just chop cucumbers, tomatoes and grate carrot and beet... now mix it all well.

Next, in another smaller vessel, squeeze some lemon juice. Add grated ginger and garlic. Add salt and some sugar. Sprinkle some cummin powder. Mix this well untill the salt and sugar melt well. Add some grated green chilli and lemon zest. Mix well. Finally pour some vegetable oil.
Pour this dressing over the chopped veggies.
Mix well.
Voila! Salad Rouge is ready with Indian dressing!

Interesting To Know: chilly, garlic and ginger are typical indian spices used in most Indian cooking!


Kaveri said...

Liked the name of your space...Crumpled Chilles...A nice refreshing salad..

Crumpled Chillies said...

Thank you Kaveri...
Do come back for more recipes! :)

Archana said...

You name Crumpled Chillies is most attractive like Kaveri has said above. Love this salad. Must try.

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